10 Simple Things (3) - Clip Points and Grade Seams

encouragement finishing quiltmaking Sep 14, 2021

The excitement of finishing the last seam of a quilt top will almost always outweigh going back and trimming details. Almost always.

Even if you aren't making a show quilt - a quilt to entered in a judged or widely viewed quilt show - taking the time to sort out the details results in a cleaner, polished quilt. Not only that, one that won't drive you nuts when you see that little detail while snuggling with the quilt while watching TV.

If you've made a high contrast quilt there is always the potential for the dark fabric to show through the light fabric in seam allowances. Have you looked closely to make sure the dark fabric isn’t visible in the seam allowances? Even if you pressed to the dark throughout the quilt the dark can show through at points, for example. It’s a little, but obvious thing in a finished quilt. Or if the seam allowances aren't even between the two pieces the dark can peak though.

Grab some little scissors and cut back the dark fabric from the seam allowance (unless you can re-press to the dark to solve the issue). Go slowly and carefully. Your future self will thank you for taking the time to do this now.