10 Simple Things (4) - Clip All Threads Before Basting/Quilting

encouragement process quiltmaking Sep 29, 2021

You know how you sew and get covered in little threads from your fabric? Yeah, those are also all over the back of your quilt and in your seams too.

Take fifteen minutes to look at your quilt top from the back before basting. Trim threads and make sure there are no errant red or any colour threads floating on a light fabric. Because once you baste and quilt it, those will stick out like a sore thumb and are pretty almost impossible to remove. This applies even if your quilt isn't made from high contrasting fabrics. It is remarkable what can show through.

This is important if you are long arming your quilt as well. A good long armer will double check the back of the quilt, but shouldn't be expected to do so. If it is a hot mess of threads they may charge you for clean up or ask you to do it, delaying your finished quilt.