10 Simple Things (5) - Bury Threads When Quilting

encouragement finishing quiltmaking Jan 13, 2022

Taking the time to pull the bobbin thread to the front before you start quilting (if you are starting in the middle of the quilt and not off the edge) then burying the knot after you finish makes for a smooth finish.

It is also a technique that allows your quilting to last longer. A lot of people don’t think you need to do this. And, of course,  don’t have to if you are fine with the knots on the back of the quilt. 

Start by pulling your bobbin thread to the front of the quilt before you make a stitch. Drop the needle with the flywheel, pull it up and it should bring the bobbin thread with it. Pull it through, hold your threads, and start sewing. When you are finished, tie a square knot, thread a needle with those ends, and slip the needle into the quilt top right next to the starting point. Without going all the way through the backing fabric travel about a needle length and come out on the quilt top, pulling the thread ends out. Clip the stray ends of the thread without cutting the quilt top.

Two tips to make this all a bit easier:

1. Use a self threading needle when burying.

2. Don't wait to do them all at the end. That will feel overwhelming and bog you down.

Finally, if you aren't keen to do this but like the look, just try to plan your quilt designs so any stops and starts are off the quilt. Then you will only have to bury threads when it breaks or you run out in the middle of the quilt.