Play Disguised As Learning

encouragement play Mar 10, 2022

Did you realize that trying something new is play? Trying something hard is play as well.

Me? I'm at improv quilter. Heck, I have a whole virtual trunk show on how improv is my love language. So for me to take a stab at paper piecing, precision work, or fancy appliqué I am working outside of my comfort zone. This is a brilliant thing because then it gets me playing.

If you think about it, kids, especially, learn the most through play. We watch the toddler try to sort shapes and it often starts out quite difficult. We watch the preschooler try and try again to figure out the mechanics of pumping their legs on the swings. We watch the early readers use letters and words to translate the stories of their imagination, even when they can't always get them out. This is all learning through play.

Same thing for us quilters. Working outside of your comfort zone or on a technique that is new to you should be approached with a spirit of play, not dread or fear. You get to try this! Have fun with it. Like that toddler sorting shapes you won't get it right away, but keep trying and eventually you will find the square peg does indeed fit in the square hole.