Adventure Sewalong Week 6 - Picking Thread and Quilting Patterns

adventure sewalong play Nov 09, 2021

She's basted and ready for some quilting action!

I took the morning off of work to baste the Adventure Sewalong quilt. Sadly, the kids were at school and I had to do it by myself. 

Now I need to decide on a quilting pattern and thread. I went to my thread stash and grabbed anything that might match. It turns out that different quilting options lead to different thread choices. So the choices boil down to three options:

A. Quilt center portion with a bold thread in a loopy pattern and borders in a lighter thread with shattered lines.
B. All over shattered lines in changing thread colours (some pink, some yellow, some blue).
C. All over loopy in yellow.

I really would be happy with any of the three, but in my heart I have a preference. I am very curious as to what the rest of you might think. Don't forget to head over to Instagram to vote.