Adventure Sewalong Week 7 - Quilting Stitches

adventure sewalong Nov 17, 2021

The people spoke. In between brief family visits and a stomach bug running through the house I started quilting.

My initial thought was to quilt the border and the game board area separately, but the votes went a different direction. Staying true to the process of the Adventure Sewalong I follow the will of the quilters. So all over lines it is. I'm using each of the four colours of the quilt  - turquoise, green, fuchsia, and yellow - and quilting edge to edge lines. They cross over each other and create the effect of shattered glass, in a way. 

The best way to keep them straight, for me, is to use tape lines as a guide. Unfortunately, I ran out of tape last night. To the store I go today.

On Friday watch for the next Instagram Live, where I should be finished the quilting and will be talking either final touches or binding. (I haven't decided yet.)