Sketchbook for No Consequence Play

ideas play sketchbook Dec 14, 2021

No time to sew? No access to your fabric? Just doodle!

I am a HUGE fan of my sketchbook. So much so that, in a fire, I would save my sketchbooks before I saved a single quilt. (Right after the kids and the dog.) This is because they capture all my ideas, my concepts, my emotions, my creative spirit in one place. My sketchbooks are a physical manifestation of my soul. 

Yes, I realize that sounds dramatic. Dramatic, but true.

It's not all serious business in there. In fact, most of it is fun. Doodles, sketches, ideas, brainstorming, big thinking, mindless pen marks. That's all in there. So are notes from my kids and students, full quilt patterns or sketches too.

When some downtime comes around - like the holidays season - I find I pull out my sketchbook and play. Random drawings may or may not become full quilts. Ideas may or may not become classes. Notes may or may not become reality. A sketchbook allows for real no consequence play.

Find your favourite pen or pencil, grab a book of any sort (even from the dollar store!), and let your mind wander. You don't have to share it with anyone and not a thing you draw has to turn into anything. Just play.