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Quilters Playcation 

Quilters’ Playcation is all about you taking the time for yourself, your craft, your hobby. We all deserve the time off or the time away. Playcation isn’t at the beach or a grand city, it’s in your sewing room, the corner of the bedroom, the dining table. Playcation is a state of mind AND a state of sewing. 

With live events such as Parties, the ongoing Adventure Sewalong, and a regularly updated blog, Quilters' Playcation is your spot for fun. 



Engaging and Experienced Teacher

My grade 8 Home Ec teacher would be proud. With over a decade of experience guiding quilters through the joys of improv quilting, Cheryl aims to give students an entertaining experience. Full of tips and tricks as well as solid technique, she will hold your hand on all thing improv. As your Playcation Host she is here to provide technique, inspiration, and encourage you to take time to play in your quilting adventures. 

Cheryl is the author of 3 books, mother of 3 children, and owner of just 2 businesses. She likes 1 pot of tea a day as much as she loves her 1 husband. On top of that she is the maker of 100s of quilts. Some of the them are finished. 


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Adventure Sewalong

The 2024 Quilters Playcation Adventure Sewalong will be live the every Tuesday at 2 PM Mountain on Instagram. Recordings will be posted on Your Tube as well. These free improv tutorials will have you exploring improv techniques on a yearlong rainbow adventure.


Almost weekly posts to inspire your creativity and get your playing. Bonus peak inside Cheryl's messy studio.

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The monthly Quilters Playcation Scoop will fill you in on upcoming parties and playdates, give you a dose of inspiration, and share good stuff in quilting.