Quilters' Playcation is for you, everyday

Quilters’ Playcation is all about you taking the time for yourself, your craft, your hobby. We all deserve the time off or the time away. Playcation isn’t at the beach or a grand city, it’s in your sewing room, the corner of the bedroom, the dining table. Playcation is a state of mind AND a state of sewing.

Cheryl Arkison - that's me! - is your ost on this Quilters' Playcation. I am a quilt teacher, designer, author, and all around sarcastic but kind woman. An international quilt teacher, I amhere to make sure you have a good time, learn something new, and embrace the spirit of play.

In the past decade I've published three books: Sunday Morning Quilts (coauthored with Amanda Jean Nyberg, A Month of Sundays, and You Inspire Me to Quilt. I’ve also travelled the world to teach quilting. In between I am raising 3 active kids and running a business with my husband. Our puppy gets me outside in the midst of it all. Sometimes, I sleep. But maybe we can blame perimenopause for that!

For more about Cheryl visit www.cherylarkison.com.

Play for the Fun of Playing

There are no expectations on Quilters’ Playcation. Show up for yourself, hang out, sew as little or as much as you want. Nothing you sew on Playcation has to turn into anything. This is all about giving back to yourself and playing for the sake of playing. 

Start Playing!


Do you have On-Demand events or classe?

I am planning to bring you some Thrill Rides in 2023.  Make sure you are signed up to Get the Scoop to be the first to know when they are available.

What Time Zone are the posted event times? 

All events are posted in Mountain Time. Please check your local time zone before the event so you don't miss a thing.

I signed up for an event but now I can't go. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, refunds are not available at this time, but contact please@quiltersplaycation to see if we can sign you up for an alternative event.

Will events be recorded so I can watch them later?

One of the best parts about Quilters' Playcation events is interacting with Cheryl and the rest of the guests. For this reason, Parties and Playdates are not currently recorded.

When will I get the Zoom notification for an event?

Your Zoom log-in information will be sent to you 72 hours hours before each event. And again two hours before. 

I did not get my Zoom notification, what do I do?

Send an email to [email protected].

Make sure that you check to be subscribed when you register, otherwise the emails won't get to you.



Get The Scoop!

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