10 Simple Things (1) - Slow Down to Sew Better

Jun 22, 2021

Quilting is exciting work! Like most of us, I get going and want to get going even faster because I am just so into what I'm doing. 

It's hard, but slowing down makes for better quilts.

To be clear, I'm not saying to start piecing and quilting everything by hand. That is a certain mindset and not everyone wants to do things that way. No, this is more about taking a few extra seconds on a seam, turning the speed down on our machine, and finding patience in the process. Take the time to do all the steps. Take the time to read all the instructions. Take the time to press well. 

In the online world I've heard so many lovely quilters apologize for being slow, fearing that they can't or won't keep up in an online class. This is nothing to apologize for. The rest of us can take inspiration from those who already know how to sew slow.