2022 Adventure Sewalong - 12 Weeks Down

adventure sewalong Mar 24, 2022

Hard to believe we are 12 weeks in to the year already!

Our house is in Covid quarantine after 4/5 of us got sick in the last two weeks. I am still fighting it but found some energy to sew this weekend. It was exactly what I needed! A true placation from the real world for an afternoon.

Funny, my blocks seem to be getting bigger!

I also organized my solids bin. It seems there is an abundance of blue, gray, and yellow. I think I might have to augment my colours when I can be in the world again. The pinks are disappearing, there is no orange at all, and just one green aside from that lime version there. It would be great to use as much as I have, but I would like a little more variety in this quilt.