Adventure Sewalong Final Reveal

adventure sewalong finishing quiltmaking Dec 02, 2021

What a ride! Thank you so much for coming on this adventure with me.

The Quilters' Playcation Adventure Sewalong quilt is all done now. I put the last stitches in the binding just the other day. Thankfully binding went quickly because the vote went for big stitch finishing. I attached the binding to the back and wrapped it around to the front. That way the stitching is visible. 

I always say that it is more about the process than the product but it is wonderful to say that this one is absolutely about both.

Inspired by The Game of Life, this quilt came to being with the suggestions and votes of you dear readers/scrollers. From inspiration to fabric choice to technique to layout to quilting to the binding stitches. My hands may have made it but you all had a hand in it. Thank you!