Adventure Sewalong Week 4 - Ready to Assemble the Top

Oct 26, 2021

Four weeks in and this project has been a lifesaver, a life changer for me.

I know that sounds a bit grandiose, but it is true. Due to life and stress and mental health I was in a bad place, feeling very little joy. The realization I needed to play and this particular project as a result was the step I needed to find joy again. And I always say creativity begets creativity, so playing with this construction has my brain firing and new ideas for so many other things emerging. I'm excited to see what's to come!

Not only that, this is just simply turning into a fun quilt. It is bright and cheerful; it makes me happy just looking at the colours.

I'm all set to assemble the quilt top. I went live today on Instagram to share my thought process as I worked out the design. My babbling explains why I made certain decisions instead of others. You can see me make small changes to get it just right, even when you already thought it was good. Now to sew it all together!