Building Confidence One Improv Block at a Time

adventure sewalong encouragement play Aug 03, 2022

Over halfway through the year and Adventure Sewalong is proving to be a lot of fun.

I am making three, yes three, versions. the first two are my demo ones for the live videos but this solids version is the all fun one just for me. Anything goes! I'm actually missing a few blocks but I can remake them if they don't turn up. When I need a little hit of no obligation sewing, of a trip to the playground if you will, then I pull out my solids bin and make a block or two. Even the teacher needs a break! It's not like me to work with solids this way so it really is pushing me out of my comfort zone. 

This summer I've committed to hiking weekly. The first hike was painful. We chose an easy one and I was still struggling for breath and the kids were literally running circles around me as we went up and down. But five hikes later I need less time to catch my breath on the way up and don't have to stop quite so much. When you show up consistently it gets easier! Who knew? It is the same with improv or any new technique in quilting. Show up and get into that fabric and each week it will get easier - your confidence will build, your comfort level grows, your recovery from any stress minimizes. Even when it is all about play.