Hate Scraps?!

party play scraps Oct 04, 2022

Standing in the quilt shop the other day, discussing my latest scrap quilt with a staff member, a lady interrupted us with an emphatic "I HATE SCRAPS!"

What? That's a strong sentiment. And she used it in the way I might say I hate racists or homophobes or Jordan Peterson. She walked away before I could delve into her emotions about bits of fabric. Needless to say, as a scrap lover I was a bit taken aback. I wish I could invite her to this upcoming Party and see if we could change her mind.

This Itty Bitty Scraps Party is all about finding the joy in every bit of fabric. It's about seeing potential where most see trash. It's about seeing design even when tiny. Mostly, it's about love and fun and community. How could anyone hate that?