Is Seasonal Sewing a thing?

finishing process May 04, 2021

Here in Canada the sewing seems to slow down as the sun starts to shine longer and the birds begin singing.

A few years back I asked the question, thinking it was only me, about whether sewing is seasonal. The answers were a good lesson in making assumptions. Rather, the problem with making assumptions. 

I went in thinking that the warmer weather means people want to be outside, that the need for a quilt in cool weather correlated with a need to make quilts in cool weather. Turns out that I was pretty wrong. So many people actually sew more in the warmer weather because they are staying inside, in the air conditioning. This isn't just in warmer climates either, where summer can be exceedingly hot. For others, the weather has little bearing on their sewing desires. That is, the love to sew whenever, wherever!

In the end, I looked at my assumptions and my own habits. It turns outs I sew quite a bit in the summer, despite what I thought. Taking advantage of early morning light and languid afternoons while the kids play. Portable handstitching keeping me company at the park or the campsite. Quilting in the basement when the days get hot and this Canadian can't stand the heat! Binding big quilts outside in golden hour because it cools off in the evenings. Weather doesn't stop me. It is, indeed, the love to sew whenever, wherever!