Quilters' Playcation Adventure Sewalong 2022 - The 3 Solids Version

adventure sewalong improv play May 03, 2023

She's done! I couldn't be more thrilled with the way she came together.

I deliberately chose not to square up all my blocks to the same size during and after the Adventure Sewalong. I wanted to explore interactions between the blocks and fabrics. Could I extend a line here? What happens if I create a block of colour? How can I find order among so many unique and disparate elements?

It was quite the process to get here. I tried multiple ways of organizing things. Generally, I started with one focal point and worked out. I did that a few times, with a different focal point each time. Nothing was really working until I placed one of the blocks top centre. It was Week 15. A simple block made of an outlined triangle (on two sides). It creates a point, as triangles do. Placing this at the top of the quilt allowed the design to flow down from it. It created a peak, if you will, of the colours against the white. Now, it isn't a straight line down. Rather, it is the idea of it, with blue on one side and grey on the other and some colours intermingling here and there. It was just enough structure for the composition so that it felt ordered and not messy.

Oh, and yes, you are seeing two different whites (an accident) and two different greys (needed more fabric and the colour match of yarn dyed fabric varies in batches.)

Piecing it was also quite the process. Because nothing was squared up to consistent sizes I had some work to do adding, subtracting, and sometimes resorting to partial seams to make it all fit. In the end we got there and I am thrilled with the results