Quilters' Playcation Adventure Sewalong 2022 - The Print Version

adventure sewalong finishing play Feb 21, 2023

Inspired by the participants who've already finished their Adventure Sewalong Quilts.

My print version of the sample blocks is all finished. I'm generally not a sashing girl, but it just felt right here. I used a number of different oranges to make up the sashing. It may have a traditional bent, but I can't do it the traditional way. 

With there only being 52 weeks in a year it was a bit tough to come up with a layout that made sense. In the end, the house block of week 51 was the double the size in my case. That took up one extra space. I used scraps and made up 3 more blocks to get me to 55, really 56. That allowed for a 7x8 layout. Each block is squared up to 10.5" x 10.5" and the sashing is 1". So, overall, the quilt is 78" x 89".

With this top done I have the opportunity to focus on the other two versions of the 2022 Quilters' Playcation Adventure Sewalong.