Quilters' Playcation Adventure Sewalong 2023 - Month 3 Solids

adventure sewalong play Apr 12, 2023

It may not look like a treasure map at all, but it is definitely the same inspiration.

In this version of the Quilters' Playcation Adventure Sewalong I am going abstract. I'm taking the basic technique or shape of the month's block but working a bit differently. I identify the main element and do that in repeat. The scale is also smaller. Each row is only about 4" high. Working with contrasting solid fabrics allows there to be an interesting line develop in each row.

When we do improv it doesn't have to be about a 'thing'. Nor does it have to be fully abstract. This falls in-between. We are creating interesting shapes but they have a certain inspiration. 

So many ways to play!

You can watch all the free tutorials on You Tube