Quilters' Playcation Adventure Sewalong 2024 - Week 9 Update

adventure sewalong play rainbow Mar 06, 2024

We are 9 weeks in to the Quilters' Playcation Adventure Sewalong. This rainbow theme has me in all the feels. It truly is a spot of joy each week.

In previous Adventure Sewalongs I've waited until all the blocks are made to sew them together. Each one with a unique layout. This time I'm doing it differently. I am actually designing the blocks to fit together in order. Every second block has background, so that change in value separates each block and the end result will feel a bit checkerboard. This is 100% intentional. I likely would have waited to sew them together, regardless. However, two weeks ago I went through a very bad bit of insomnia. Combined with my restless legs it meant standing in the sewing room was the best use of 3 AM. And it made me so happy to do it.

You can catch all the videos live on Instagram (@cheryl_arkison) or I post them on You Tube about 48 hours later.