Scandi Village Grows

improv play playdate Dec 07, 2021

In the Scandi Village Playdate I cautioned my friends that making these blocks was addictive. Here's some proof.

I truly can't stop making them! If I find 15 minutes in the day I quickly make a few houses or trees. They really are that quick! So they keep adding up. With a bit more time I start playing with putting them together

Of course, with it being December, I automatically think of this as a holiday project. For a brief moment I felt the stress of wanting to get it done FOR the holidays this year. Then  it hit me, we can have a project that is about making DURING the holidays. Something that lights us up. It doesn't have to be holiday related either. It's about having something that gives you joy, and possibly a break, from the holiday stress and craziness. In my case, I am getting that and it is holiday themed. 

And if I don't finish it this year then it can also be next year's holiday project!