Scandi Village Top Complete

party play Nov 22, 2023

I think this quilt kept getting bigger and bigger because I didn't want to stop making blocks.

Now, here she is, big enough for a bed. A magical spot to sleep, I would imagine. You might dream of gnomes and snowfall and Scandinavian forests. 

All the blocks are free-hand cut. This is improvisation at it's finest. No two blocks are the same in fabric or size. This is play. Joyful to make, joyful to look at. Heck, it was even joyful to take the pictures as my son and I jumped through the forest and threw rocks on the ice. 

Just waiting for some long arm time so I can quilt the bulk of this. I plan for an allover design in the background. For the houses and trees I will go in after with both domestic machine stitching and some hand stitched elements. I can't wait for those magical dreams!