Scandi Village Update

play playdate Mar 30, 2022

You knew I couldn't stop playing. You just knew it.

A handful of trees here and there. A house or two in some stolen minutes in the sewing room. It was fun, playful, relaxing to make some blocks whenever I could. I'm still making blocks. 

At some point I did start assembling. Going by the size of the block as I made it, nothing predetermined or prescribed. It takes time and a lot of going back and forth between the design wall, cutting mat, and sewing machine. It's another form of play, of puzzling to make things fit. My middle kiddo wandered in and immediately asked for the quilt to be big enough to go on a bed. Can't say no to that! So more blocks. 

Right now I would say I have half the quilt together. I'm nearly out of the background fabric (Kona Snow) so a bit of shopping is needed. While it strikes me as a winter quilt it won't be done this winter, but maybe we'll get a May snowstorm for a photo shoot?