Seeing the Potential

imagination Aug 11, 2022

Behind the scenes... slowly.

My husband and I have a small business building and installing commercial millwork, mostly for grocery stores. a dozen employees, a small workshop, and a few trucks. We are in the process of expanding our space and an interesting opportunity came up. I'm going to get a studio space as part of it! It first came to be a year ago and it is has been painfully slow getting everything lined up. We might possibly be in our new offices by the end of the year, maybe.

This is what is going to turn in to the physical home of the Quilters' Playcation. Not only will it be my studio space, it will be a playground for all of you! I will host in person workshops, film classes here, and have a party or two. I'm terribly excited to see what it can become. Right now it just has me thinking it is like a pile of fabric - it can become anything it wants to be.