Stitching the Nile, and Elsewhere

process supplies travel Aug 30, 2023

So, I took a little trip this summer. A big, big trip, really. In the midst of all the excitement and travel I even managed to sew a little.

My daughter was competing in Alexandria, Egypt and Istanbul, Turkey for world championships in her chosen sport: modern pentathlon. With her as the reason, we decided to make it a family affair! Before I left I had the last minute idea that I would make a trip diary of sorts in quilt blocks. Guessing on colours and inspiration I cut a stack of 6.5" squares. I thought I might do some Improv Appliqué or random piecing. I left it open to what moved me. To be perfectly honest, even I doubted that I would see this idea through. It was worth a shot, though!

Well, it ended up being a great way to slow down every day or two and reflect on what we saw, experienced, and did. Not only that, to mark appreciation for the whole thing. So when my little scissors were taken away on our last local flight I was rather bummed. We only had 3 days left in the trip so I decided I could stop pouting and move on. My husband, however, pulled a fast one and asked our AirBnB host in Luxor to buy me some little scissors. In our quiet, sunset watching moments on the houseboat we rented I was able to prep and start the last blocks. I put the stitches in the last blocks as we were boarding the plane to leave the country!

Now I am quilting those blocks, the scraps have already been turned into a mini quilt, and the leftover squares are on my design wall. And I thought I wouldn't sew on the trip! See each block with its daily inspiration and learn more about our trip.