Summer Optimism

finishing play scraps Sep 07, 2021

From an orphaned block to a bed size quilt. Sometimes you have to make just because the fabric makes you happy.

That is exactly what happened here. It was a discarded block, a sample for a class I never expected to use again. It was in the donate pile buried in the laundry room. Then the pile fell over. I saw the block exactly when I needed it.

Life, as you know, has been stressful and busy this past 18 months or so. While I am not a fan of toxic positivity, sometimes you do have to bring the sunshine in, even when you don't feel like it. So seeing that one block let me open a crack to let the sunshine in. Over the spring and summer I puttered away on the blocks and eventually finished a quilt top. Making quilt is no cure for burnout, but the playtime is certainly a welcome break from real life.