This Would Be Fun

crumbs improv play snowballs Apr 07, 2021

Take two ideas and mash them together. Does it work like peanut butter and chocolate or like orange and chocolate?

For the record, I think citrus and chocolate is a nasty combination. This quilt block is definitely on the peanut butter and chocolate train for me, though. And now this 3 minute experiment (to sew, press, and trim a single snowball corner) has me thinking of an entire quilt. 

This, this is the benefit of play. That 3 minutes could have been as successful as a Terry's chocolate orange (the worst!) or it could lead to a few new ideas. And much like the preferred pairing for chocolate, it is also a matter of personal taste. It's okay to not like it, it's okay to love it. Either way, you won't know unless you are willing to try, willing to play.